3 Arroyos S.A.

We are the only 100% Argentine company devoted to the integral production of breakfast cereals, cereal bars and oats.

We were born in fields of the Pampean Region, one of the best zones in the world for these crops. This location provides our crops with a special feature and guarantees the quality of our products.

We are committed to the families and to our land, generating qualified employment and helping regional economies throughout our country.


We run three industrial plants:

“Chaco” Plant


located in the city of Tres Arroyos and specialized in the production of oats and natural and sweet cornflakes.

“Pepe Gándara” Plant


located in Tres Arroyos Industrial Park and specialized in the production of extruded cereals and granola.

“Pampitas” Plant


located in Pilar Industrial Park, province of Buenos Aires, focused on the production of Natural Cornflakes, Sweet Cornflakes and cereal bars.

Our History

Founded in 1982, 3 Arroyos S.A. began producing by-products of oat for human consumption. It then supplied the domestic market and exported its cereals to some Latin American countries.

In 1993, it started to develop breakfast cereals and cereal bars. Later on, in 1997, a powerful plan for technology expansion was launched and German and US state-of-the-art machinery was purchased. These additions were accompanied by investments in building facilities which enabled the development of a great variety, quality and quantity of products for a demanding and competitive market in constant growth.

Nowadays 3 ARROYOS®, is leader in the breakfast cereals market thanks to the excellent price/quality ratio of its products. Besides, 3 Arroyos S.A. also exports the quality of its cereals to more than 25 countries in America and Europe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer consumers tasty and healthy food, adding extra value to the products from our fields.

Our Vision

We aim at becoming a big Food Company, based on the constant creation of innovative products, which make 3 Arroyos a successful brand.

Our Commitment to Quality

At 3 Arroyos S.A. we have taken on the commitment to develop products according to high quality standards, committing ourselves to the development, production and sale of natural, nutritious and tasty food.

We ensure the safety of the food we commercialize through the compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices, guaranteeing, in this way, high hygiene standards through all our processes. The selection of very high quality raw materials and the strict control of the manufacturing stages of our products wrap up the global effort of 3 Arroyos S.A. directed, mainly, at the satisfaction of our clients’ expectations.

Foreign Trade

Our foreign trade department markets our products all over the world through our own brands or other companies’. Our wide range of products includes:

Breakfast cereals / Oats / Cereal bars / Granolas

Our different products’ presentation let us reach consumers through multiple channels. We commercialize our products per unit as well as in bulk.

We are ready to offer:

Please contact us: exports@3Arroyos.com


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